About Mr. Make It Happen

Photo of Mr. Make It Happen standing with his arms folded in the foreground looking straight ahead with a kitchen setting in the background

Chef Matt Price was born and raised in Richmond, VA and currently resides in Hampton Roads, VA. He is a self-taught Chef who brings people across the world into his virtual kitchen and inspires them to prepare delicious meals for themselves and their loved ones.

In his early 20’s, Chef Matt began to take an interest in cooking and soon became known as the “go-to guy” at functions and cookouts. After more than 10 years in the corporate world working for Capital One, Matt left his day job to finally pursue his passion for food. Utilizing his business acumen, Chef Matt quickly cemented himself as “Mr. Make It Happen,” becoming one of the “most-viewed-Internet Chefs” with over 3.7 MILLION followers across YouTube and Instagram! 

Chef Matt has launched a seasonings line, all-purpose  flour, digital and physical cookbooks, a digital meat  thermometer, Japanese Steele Chef Knife and a hybrid  skillet.  

In the Fall of 2023, Chef Matt partnered with fellow YouTube  Chefs, Kimmy’s Kreations and One Stop Shop to create FOR  THE FOODY’S TOUR a multi-city fine dining experience which sold out 150 seats in each city over the course of 20 events.

Chef Matt remains committed to creating dynamic and engaging content to help people around the world find their own passion for food.